21st—30th October 2016

Hollow House and the Convenience Complex

Adam Lewis Jacob

“Its not our houses but our brains that are haunted.” – G.M.Beard, 1879

Hollow House and the Convenience Complex is the result of a series of investigations and happenings onsite at Civic Room by artist Adam Lewis Jacob and producer/curator Elizabeth Murphy. Through a process of collaboration, focusing upon research into cultural and psychological hauntings, the space on High Street becomes a dismantling of dead ideas.

Through sound, light, sculpture and film, Adam Lewis Jacob has made works that expose the tremors and gaps in memory. Audiences are invited to enter a space, triggering regressed cultural signifiers and pulling forward the mythologies of rebellious energy.

Sponsored by Lux Scotland and the Glasgow Paranormal Investigators: Kim Binnie, Billy Binnie and Lisa Maxwell.

With thanks to Leatherette: Nikki Tirado and Scott Caruth, The Rebel: Ben Wallers, Georgia Horgan, Rayanne Bushell, Melanie Forbes-Broomes, Sean Campbell, Eilidh Ratcliffe, Adam Baker Estelle Craig and Tomas Palmer, Becca Howard, Sam Venables and Catherine Hotchkiss.