16th—22nd September 2016

Doors Open Day 2016: Westmoreland Rocks

Siân Collins

Glasgow School of Art MFA graduate Siân Collins’ film, Westmoreland Rocks is about a cluster of rocks in a communal park in Govanhill on Westmoreland Street, the work explores what these rocks mean to the local community and people that live within direct view of them. Filmed from the homes of the residents who over look them, the rocks are seen from multiple perspectives, with voices of the residents heard over the footage.

By showing an artwork that explores Govanhill and its resident’s relationship to their communal park, Civic Room aims to offer new perspectives for Doors Open Day visitors. How do we interpret our cities architecture and what do we learn when we hear other people’s interpretations of the spaces we occupy?

Sponsored by Doors Open Day & High Street Fayre