8th—26th April 2016

Concrete that makes us

Andre Komatsu

Andre Komatsu creates work exploring the fabric of the built urban environment. Concrete that makes us is located in Civic Room, a former British Linen Bank branch on Glasgow’s High Street, a historic building that is a model of the city’s pioneering early Victorian steel and concrete construction. This show comprises a new installation work, Borders 1 premiered at Glasgow International 2016 festival alongside Disseminação Concreta, a life-size clothed body of a man made from boulders, which has not been shown publicly since its exhibition in São Paulo in 2008. Here parallels are drawn between contemporary São Paulo, Komatsu’s birthplace and historic Glasgow. Concrete that makes us seeks to question notions of progress and commerce, betterment for some and a more provisional existence for others.

Supported by Collectors Stuart and JD Evans BALON, Carson & Partners, Oran Mor, McCune Smith, Galleria Vermelho, Galleria Continua. Presented as part of Glasgow International 2016.