19th April 2018


Sarah Forrest, Toby Paterson, and Geneva Sills and Sue Tompkins

Against Time is a group exhibition by a selection of leading Scottish and Glasgow-based artists that explores the anachronistic condition of contemporary art and its creative potential. Staged within Civic Room gallery, a historic 19th century British Linen Bank, it features commissioned site-specific works by Sarah Forrest, Geneva Sills, Sue Tompkins and Toby Paterson, including video, photography, performance, and public sculpture.

Curated by PhD candidate Paula Lopez Zambrano and Sarah Strang, director of Civic Room, the project looks into the contingent modes by which art gives meaning to the past, imagines the future and creates chronological disconnections when perceiving and grasping the contemporary time. It points out the temporal discontinuities of Glasgow’s urban context to then question the multiple, interwoven temporalities that manifest in the encounter with art, within the Civic Room historical building.

The aim is to explore the creative possibilities of anachronism and contingency, challenging linear notions of history and time. Within its collaborative artistic and curatorial framework, the project gives rise to new aesthetic dialogues and cultural exchange. It looks at the temporal discontinuities of the urban context of Glasgow, questions the multiple, interwoven temporalities that exist within the building of Civic Room, experiments with the critical and creative possibilities (both artistic and curatorial) of such temporal ‘faults’. Against Time is part of the Supported Programme for Glasgow International 2018.

Supported by Glasgow International, 3 Bis F, Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Carson & Partners and Oran Mor.