Hollow House and the Convenience Complex

Adam Lewis Jacob

Preview: Thursday 20th October, 7pm – 9pm
Exhibition Dates: 21st Oct – 30th Oct 
Exhibition opening times:
Fri 21st and Sat 22nd Oct, 2pm – 6pm
Fri 28th, Sat 29th and Sun 30th Oct, 2pm – 6pm
(Appointments only during the week)

“Its not our houses but our brains that are haunted.” – G.M.Beard, 1879

Hollow House and the Convenience Complex is the result of a series of investigations and happenings onsite at Civic Room by artist Adam Lewis Jacob and producer/curator Elizabeth Murphy. Through a process of collaboration, focusing upon research into cultural and psychological hauntings, the space on High Street becomes a dismantling of dead ideas.

Within this exhibition, the term ‘hauntings’ represents a possession by the past and an exploration of the construction of identity through the evoking of muted energies. Through sound, light, sculpture and film, Adam Lewis Jacob has made works that expose the tremors and gaps in memory. Audiences are invited to enter a space, triggering regressed cultural signifiers and pulling forward the mythologies of rebellious energy.

The show itself acts as an offering or gesture – as a mode in which we can communicate with both a communal and personal past. The building’s architecture has become a space for the sharing of physical and psychological energies, holding these moments in its material. Acknowledgement, loss and the unexposed self re-occur in the soundscapes and film works, whilst the sculptural interventions act as totems to past efforts in communication.

The night has become a constant feature in the process of Adam’s work – its cover providing a freedom or activation for alternate behavior, a point where time flattens and potentials open up from basic human interactions.

This exhibition is the result an extended body of research between Adam and Elizabeth, which has been filtered through their shared interests in adolescent rebellion, sentimentality and subcultures.

Adam and Elizabeth would like to thank Lux Scotland and the Glasgow Paranormal Investigators: Kim Binnie, Billy Binnie and Lisa Maxwell. Thanks also goes to Leatherette: Nikki Tirado and Scott Caruth, The Rebel: Ben Wallers, Georgia Horgan, Rayanne Bushell, Melanie Forbes-Broomes, Sean Campbell, Eilidh Ratcliffe, Adam Baker Estelle Craig and Tomas Palmer, Becca Howard, Sam Venables and Catherine Hotchkiss.

Images courtesy of the artist.